Welcome to the Whitellia Studios Wiki

Here I will document all the assets (anime, manga, movies, etc) of the Whitellia Studios company.
But first… a little information about Whitellia Studios.

Whitellia Studios will be used as a collective name for a group of joint companies.
These companies include..

  • Luxe Honeymoon (Manga)
  • Dainty Dove Studios (Anime)
  • Brilliant Sapphire Pictures (Films, OVAs)
  • Secret Angel (Music)

In 2010, these companies merged and are now collectively referred to as Whitellia Studios.

Now that you are up to speed, you can feel free to browse around the wiki using the top bar or side bar.
This wiki includes information about assets from the companies above. So, obviously, the wiki will contain things about manga, anime, OVAs, films, and music. I do not work at any of these companies, and this is just for fun!


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