Brilliant Sapphire Pictures

Brilliant Sapphire Pictures1 is a company responsible for the production and distribution of films and OVAs.

Company Overview

Brilliant Sapphire Pictures was founded in 2003 by Ikki Kotobuki. In 1999, Kotobuki approached the head of Luxe Honeymoon, Shiho Okuda, and said "Let me be part of your studio." Okuda, admiring Kotobuki's confidence agreed to let her on board. At first, she was a directing assistant, but she quickly worked her way up the company ladder. After finishing her animation and film classes in 2002, Kotobuki proposed the idea of a film studio to Okuda. With the help of generous donations and volunteering, the Brilliant Sapphire Pictures headquarters was officially open in 2003.


Brilliant Sapphire Pictures has released a few animated films, as well as OVAs. OVAs, or original video animations, are films or series released exclusively for viewing at home, they are not broadcasted on television. Below is a list of the company's assets.

Film Productions

OVA Productions

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