Dainty Dove Studios

Dainty Dove Studios1 is a company responsible for the production and distribution of animation (anime) television written, obtained, and animated by artists they've hired or paid.

Company Overview

Dainty Dove Studios was founded in 2000 by Takuya Imai. Imai, after hosting university classes in animation for several years, strove to manage his own animation studio. He was hired to work on the manga Lucidaqua as an artist in 1998, and was given a grant not even a year later to start Dainty Dove Studios after Lucidaqua's smashing success in 1999.


Dainty Dove Studios did not only produce and distribute original anime for television. They also have purchased the license to several other series before their release to the public, so they are effectively assets of Dainty Dove Studios. There are also assets of Luxe Honeymoon that have been adapted into anime. Below is a list of the company's assets. They are separated depending on whether they were original productions, adapted productions, or purchased productions.

Original Productions

Purchased Productions

Adapted Productions

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