Luxe Honeymoon

Luxe Honeymoon1 is a company responsible for the production and distribution of manga written and illustrated by artists they've hired.

Company Overview

Luxe Honeymoon was founded in 1995 by Shiho Okuda, who wanted to help her childhood friend, Kozue Sano, who was making her first debut in the manga industry. Okuda, who had plenty of funds to sink into a new company, hired artists and assistant writers for Sano. That was the beginning of Luxe Honeymoon. Since the release of Autumn's Chill by Kozue Sano, Luxe Honeymoon has produced and distributed over 15 manga series.


Luxe Honeymoon has not only produced and distributed manga, but also sponsored the release of several manga series. These are considered as assets of the company as well. Below is a list of the company's assets. They are separated depending on whether they were Luxe Honeymoon original productions, or sponsored productions.

Original Productions

Sponsored Productions

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